Looking to find a place to volunteer? Interested in helping The Guinea Pig Slave Rescue?


We here at the rescue enjoy spending our time making sure our furry friends have everything they need. From guinea pigs who are "Sanctuary", or ones who have medical issues, to guinea pigs who are ready to be adopted out to their "forever homes". We make it a point to give each of them the greatest life they all deserve.  We need help with cage cleaning, feeding, prepping vegetables, filling pellets, hay and water, taking guinea pig photos, adoption events, nail trimming and so much more.  We offer volunteer hours for students 9th grade and above, and we love volunteers who bring the whole family! Even young children can be guinea pig heroes!


Send a message below with the days and hours you would like to volunteer your time with us. We're looking forward to working with you!


Leah is our expert veggie cutter here at the rescue! Leah generously donates her time to cutting and feeding veggies to all of the piggies since February, 2020. She also helps organize our Facebook Live Sales that occur about once a month. Leah got involved with the rescue because her sister adopted two guinea pigs. Leah is allergic to pet dander and hay so she prefers to sponsor our sweet Judy Booty and loves to give her cuddles during her visits. Leah’s favorite part of being a volunteer is seeing all the cuteness everywhere! When Leah isn’t volunteering at the rescue she is spending time with her forever person (married for 23 years) and cares for her dogs. She also enjoys reading, working puzzles, playing games, watching movies, cooking, and go camping!

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