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What comes to mind when you think of a Guinea pig?  You might visualize a rodent similar to a large hamster.  Many people aren't aware that these little creatures each have their own unique personalities and that they come in a multitude of colors, patterns and breeds.  These gorgeous animals are capable of creating such deep bonds with each other and with humans. So many of these sweet creatures who have ended up at our Rescue, were once considered starter pets and easily disposable. That is simply not the case.


We began this Rescue to change peoples’ perceptions of the value, beauty and loving ability that guinea pigs have. Every day we sacrifice our home, food, time, sleep and energy to improve the lives of these precious creatures.  Guinea pigs continue to be left on the side of the road, discarded in trash cans, abandoned in parking lots and yards, used in lab experiments, or left lonely and ignored. Most animal shelters are not equipped to care for these little beings.  Without The Guinea Pig Slave Rescue, hundreds of lives would have been lost. We step up to pay vet bills, care for pregnant mothers and helpless babies, bond lonely guineas with new friends, educate people on the proper care of guinea pigs and love these small animals after humans have let them down.

Because they are amazing, lovable, soft, forgiving animals, Guinea Pigs make wonderful Emotional Support Pets.  We have adopted to families with Autism, Cancer, Depression, Anxiety, and other medical or emotional needs. 


Please donate today and help these wonderful creatures continue to get the care they need in order to live their lives to the fullest while we do our best to find them loving, forever homes.

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A DIFFERENCE! does not have "Wish list" capabilities just yet. However, for anyone who is a first time shopper at, that uses the donation site setup specifically created for The Guinea Pig Slave Rescue, will donate $20 to the rescue. Everything helps, so click the link above!