After a lifetime in California, and dealing with the fast pace in Los Angeles, Linda and Frank decided it was time to retire. Having such a love for small animals, they visited the Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue many times to learn as much as they could about the health care of guinea pigs - specifically with a focus on those with special needs. 


  In 2016 they made the move to Arkansas with 7 guinea pigs in tow. As newcomers to the state and with a desire to help others, they went searching for the local guinea pig rescue. Upon discovering that Arkansas did not have a rescue with a focus on guinea pigs, Linda realized she would have to start one. At this moment, a dream was born. 


  Shortly after realizing this new dream, Linda started creating her own fleece liners. With 50 years of sewing experience, it made for an easy solution to the cost of taking care of the sweet piggies. After realizing how much the fleece liners were saving money, time, and with being easier to clean, she decided to expand by adding accessories. She then started an Etsy shop, to give others the same opportunity to utilize these amazing products. With funds from the new found business, there was a way to make the rescue a reality.

  In 2017, Linda founded The Guinea Pig Slave Rescue. With the Etsy shop to help fund the dream, the doors were finally opened to anyone who wanted to learn more about guinea pig care. In the two years of the shelter being open, there was a total of 63 guinea pigs at one time. There was also a new dilemma. Where would she find homes for all these sweet creatures? That's when she realized social media was the key to reaching farther than the local area. Through personal interaction with other guinea pig parents, and the help of volunteers, the rescue grew tremendously.


  In 2018 the rescue adopted out 181 guinea pigs, but still the numbers grew. It was the only guinea pig rescue in the state and people were coming from all around, even other states to adopt. After just three years it was time to move to a bigger space. The Guinea Pig Slave Rescue was and is a safe haven for small animals. In only three months at the new Piggy Palace, the Rescue has reached a peak of 95 guinea pigs. A few of them were being cared for through the selfless help of foster parents, but the vast majority were being taken care of at the rescue. Here, at this beautiful new location, visitors can bring their children, visit with guinea pigs, and find the right fit for their family. What a wonderful dream come true.


  The Rescue continues to offer many services such as boarding, so families can leave town knowing their guinea pigs will be well fed, cared for and in safe hands. It also offers free mite prevention, health checks, nail trimming, guinea pig photos, and more. Linda and the sewing team have expanded the product line to include even more fun items, and volunteers are steadily coming to see how they can help. The Rescue's goal is for all guinea pigs to be healthy and live fulfilling lives with families that spoil and adore them. A Rescue of this size takes a community willing to support it, and every volunteer is integral. Come visit us at The Guinea Pig Slave Rescue and find your "Heart Pig" today!

What's in a name: The Guinea Pig Slave is an industry term used in the guinea pig community describing the relationship between a guinea pig demanding food and attention at will, and the owner/parent of the guinea pig. A guinea pig can have a mouth full of veggies and you walk by with a crinkling bag and they will start "wheeking" demanding more food. It's very humorous and a unique relationship we enjoy as guinea pig parents. The name of our Rescue reflects this unique relationship.

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